2011 Highlights Video

Brad's Birthday 2011

Birthday Party Messages

Birthday Presents

Brad listens to recorded messages

Brad Talks with LaLa From London

LaLa From London's Tour of London


How to Listen Series

Mother Miriam's iPhone/Aux Port in Car

Momo's Smart Phone/Cassette Adapter (incorrect)

Momo's Smart Phone/Cassette Adapter (correct)

Ruben's Homebuilt Stereo

Brad & Karen Demo iTunes/Airport Express

Tom & Lauren Listen on WiFi Radio

LaLa from London watches MartiniVision on TV

Mother Miriam's MITM Singing Debut with Armond Schiff

Legendary MITM Bowling Ball

Story of the Ceiling Scissors 

Live at Lucy's 51

Brad & Karen Introduce The Grandkids



 MITM on the Move

Tour of the Old Studios by Brad

Tour of the Old Studios by Miriam

The Journey to the New Studios

The Clear Out

Martini, Mayhem & Moving Part 1

Martini, Mayhem & Moving Part 2

Final Farewell to the Old Studios

January 2nd - The New Studio




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