Brad’s Ramblings – July/August 2015

There’s More than One Way to Celebrate

Nine years. NINE YEARS! When the radio station I created for my then-employers was sold and switched to Spanish programming one February day, I didn’t know what would come of our plan to roll this music out as a network offered to radio stations in need of programming. It didn’t take long after our September 2006 launch to realize that syndicated radio opportunities were drying up and (more and more) the Internet seemed to be where media was headed. For many reasons, it has taken us longer than we had ever thought it would to establish ourselves from a business standpoint. But, the success we’ve found is in building a community of listeners and friends who come together because of their mutual affection for the music, and stay on because it’s home.

Our 9th anniversary party on September 28th at Hollywood’s Catalina Jazz Club will be as much a family reunion as it is a concert. You’ll meet people you hear us talk about on the air, catch up with someone you walked with in the fight against breast cancer, or someone you ran into at a concert somewhere else in the very connected Martini World. Our LaLa from London, Danni Chaso writes in her Foreign Desk article about the many friends she’s met as they’ve visited London. Other members of the Martini family have met by chance or by plan in places like New York, Chicago, and of course right here in L.A.

We’d like to expand the on-air celebration by including you, talking about why Martini in the Morning is your station. Why you listen, how you listen, where you listen. When we air your recording, it will explain to those not as familiar with MITM, what it’s all about and why so many people spend so much time tuned in – and it means SO much more coming from you. Since so many of us have smartphones these days, the easiest way to make this happen is for you to use your phone (or tablet) to record your message as a video; 30 to 60 seconds seems to be about the right length – you can be on camera or off, perhaps showing where you listen, whether at home, at work or in your car, maybe a little of your surroundings, something that gives everyone an idea of the “Where” you listen part. The how and why is the part you’ll explain, in your own words.

We still have a few of those “Martini On” t-shirts left from a recent listener support campaign (aka “Beg-A-Thon”) and we’ll be sending some of those shirts out for the earliest and best video submissions. But the bottom line is that you’re going to tell the story from a listener point of view, which is likely to touch the hearts of newer listeners. Please send your videos to – we will use some on our website, some in social media, and some in the next issue of ‘Notes From a Cocktail Napkin’; the email newsletter that’s all about you and the music.