What Martini in the Morning Means to Me

What does Martini in the Morning mean to you? Use your smart phone or tablet, and shoot a video telling us what Martini in the Morning means to you. We’re doing a series of presentations for people in the industry, potential advertisers and others who will benefit as Martini in the Morning grows, and we want your feedback to share with them. We’ll also share some of the videos in our social media campaigns. So please follow the instructions below to tell us WHAT MARTINI IN THE MORNING MEANS TO YOU!

How to record and submit your “What Martini in the Morning Means to Me” videos:

  • We want to know “What Martini in the Morning Means to You” and how you listen to MITM. See below for example verbiage and be sure to say your name and where you are from at the beginning of the video. Please keep videos around 30 seconds (no more than 60 seconds).
  • e.g. I’m [name] AND I LISTEN TO MARTINI IN THE MORNING FROM/IN [city/country] etc  – MARTINI IN THE MORNING [explain why you listen and what Martini in the Morning means to you]
  • When you’re ready to record the video be sure to hold your phone/tablet horizontally as in the below example:
  • Click the blue “choose files” button (as in the below pic):
  • Your phone/tablet should then give you the option to select your phone’s gallery or photo library or some Androids may say ‘documents’ and then ‘gallery.’ (see following iPhone example)

  • Find your recorded video and click on it to select it. You should then see the video name uploaded on the Dropbox page as in the below screenshot. Then just complete YOUR “First name” “Surname” and “Email” address fields.
  • Finally, press the blue “Upload” button.
  • Once you’ve upload your video to Dropbox, you should receive an email from Dropbox confirming that your video was received by us. If you don’t receive Dropbox’s email and you want to make sure that we’ve received your video, please send an email to: listen@MartiniIntheMorning.com

Here are some examples of videos we’ve received: